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Spring’s first home has been here on the corner of Felix and Mary Streets. We’ve seen the season change 17 times, from Autumn to Winter, from Summer to Spring.

During this time, our little home has hosted some wonderful people – our customers. Thank you for your support, your loyalty, your patience and your kind words.

The people hosting you are dear to me, too – the Spring staff and suppliers. It takes a whole team of hardworking people to make a service happen. I thank them, from the bottom of my heart, for the contribution they have made to the life of Spring thus far.

Thank you also to our architects, Brand & Slater; our PR team run by Lindsay Bennett, and our many other friends and consultants.

You may have guessed by now, that something is changing. And it is. The Spring lease is due for renewal in April, and I have made the decision not to renew the lease for Spring in its current location. We intend to, instead, buy a home in (or near) Brisbane, where Spring can expand and grow in the direction of events and weddings. We’ll keep you posted!

But for now it is time to say thank you, and goodbye to Felix Street. Our last day of restaurant, tuckshop and cooking school trade will be Saturday, February 27. All issued vouchers will be refunded – please email your voucher number and details to All wedding couples and event hosts have been contacted, and alternative arrangements are under way.

If you have any questions at all, or would like to reserve a table between now and then, please phone (07) 3229 0460 or email

Sarah Hancock

Our special thanks from along the journey so far go to: Our current staff… Noel, Chris, Brandon, Britt, Jemima, Rochel, Louis, Liz, Alex, Oswaldo, Karen, Pravakar, Danesh, Audrey, Krishna, Ozan, Cristina, Kris, Zaynap, Naz, Andre, Ann, Annie.
And…Jacque Widdison, Heather Greatrex, Tom Tulley, Luke Ponti, Olivia Lockhart, Giovanna Slottje, Martyn Cook, Lizzie Loel, Mark Patrick, Peter Marchant, Damien Pignolet, Fiona Donnelly, Lindsay Bennett, Clay Rondo, Thomas Hamel, Cassie Visser, Milque Photography, Julie Whitehead, Deep Grey, The Butterfly Lounge, Styled Events, White + White, the Matthews Family, the Corrie Family, BGGS, My Ultimate Hens, my wonderful family and friends. And there are still so many others.

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